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About Me. The photographer. The second camera lens. The beholder of each and one unique beauty. From being an alpinista to an open soul loathing for deep and sincere moments. An expanding combination of variations of choice between colours or even more colours. That one and only person to whome even the minor photos tell the story. Klemen, I as a skillful and outgoing creator of the most special moments in the world. With the belief of every detail being brought to light to enhance the bigger picture; every single sunray counts when it comes to sunsets, the brisk of dusk and the drop of morning dew or the ground we cell ourselves on. Those are the facts I look for in a person. Inner beauty, tenderness, edgyness or a pint of decadence - wedding and event photographer, alpinista, proliferator of passion and the biggest optimist.

Much welcome to my page, please, review the portfolio. Give me feedback or contact me via e-mail.
With kind regards, Klemen Stular

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Voklo 87A
4208 Sencur

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